Divorce Law: How to Get Your Divorce Papers Served

Divorce is a challenging process for everyone. Besides the emotional heartbreaks you have to go through, there is often a lot of money to spend in the process. Once you decide to pull out of your marriage, it is essential to hire a professional in family law to help you get through the divorce.

Typically, you will begin the divorce process by drafting a petition to serve your partner. This article looks at a few things you need to know about the process of handling divorce papers.

Getting the Correct Divorce Paperwork

To begin the process, you should visit the family law courts in your region to access legal divorce papers. Once you've explained to the clerk what you need, they will give you the proper documentation to get you started. 

Your lawyer could also have the forms in their possession. However, it is still vital to visit the court clerk to check whether the documents include everything you need for the divorce process. They will also stamp the copies to indicate they are legitimate court documents. The court expects you to hand over the second copy to your spouse through a server or in person.

Understanding Which Papers to Serve In a Divorce

It's essential to understand which papers the court requires you to have before showing up in a divorce court. Usually, you should serve your spouse the filed complaint, the summons, and the joint preliminary injunction. But ensure you retain the original document for future reference.

There is a four-month period within which you should serve the papers after filing for divorce. If you do not serve the documents within this period, it can significantly complicate the divorce proceedings.

Figuring out What to Do When Your Spouse is Evasive

Divorce is an emotional process. If you are the one initiating it, you have probably come to a point where you feel ready to let the other person go. If your partner feels the same way, the process might take a day or two to complete. But if your partner opposes it, they might become evasive. 

For that reason, it is crucial to have an extended time window that caters to such an eventuality. Having a proficient family lawyer might also be necessary for this situation. Your server can use public notification, electronic delivery, or email.

When the time comes to end your marriage, choose a reliable process server and divorce lawyer to guide you through this first and crucial part of the separation process. They will simplify the process for you and ensure that your spouse is notified of the proceedings on time.