Does Your New Business Need a Lawyer?

Not all new business owners need to consult with a lawyer once they start up; you can usually file paperwork for a simple "doing business as" name on your own and use that to open commercial checking accounts or set up accounts with wholesalers and the like. However, some business owners should consult with a lawyer before they begin or as they are starting out, to protect a variety of their legal interests. Note when and why a new business owner may need to consult an lawyer.

1. When leasing large amounts of space

If you need a small office for yourself and an assistant, you may be able to sign a simple lease agreement on your own without much risk. However, if you need a large office space or a building for production, warehousing, and so on, you should have an lawyer look over the lease agreement. Remember that these agreements are usually written with the landlord's benefit in mind, and you may need certain addendums added that allow you an early termination, that allow you to bring in certain materials you'll need for production, or other such details. An lawyer should review the lease to know that you understand the terms and ensure you can use the building as necessary and won't face unexpected costs or restrictions after moving in.

2. If you'll be creating intellectual property

If your business will be creating something that is not tangible, meaning intellectual property such as music, graphic designs, web content, stories, and the like, you want to ensure your rights are protected. This might include having a contract written up that you would use with employees so that they don't use your ideas elsewhere, or having such an agreement made between business partners. An lawyer can devise such a contract and also advise on how you should use it to protect your intellectual property.

3. Contracts

Your new business may need contracts between wholesalers and distributors, shipping companies, clients, and the like. Some contracts may already be drafted; for example, most trucking companies may have a standard contract they use with their customers. However, you may want an lawyer to look these over and ensure you understand all the terms, and then also assist in drafting new contracts you'll need such as for your potential clients. Rather than using generic contracts you might find online and which don't protect all your legal interests or address all aspects of conducting your business, an lawyer can tailor needed contracts to your business in particular.

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