When Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

A family lawyer is one who is experienced in more than just divorce cases; they are knowledgeable of just about anything that has to do with marriage, children, and so on. There are times when it's best to call a family lawyer to ensure your rights are protected when it comes many scenarios; note when such a lawyer should be consulted and how they can protect you.

1. If you don't want to marry

If you and your partner are very committed to each other and want to move in together as a couple but don't want to get married, you might meet with an attorney. He or she can ensure that your rights as a couple are protected; this might mean ensuring that a medical directive is drawn up, giving your partner the legal right to speak for you in case of an emergency. You might also want to review your wills and how your property is shared so each of you are protected financially. Married couples often have these protections by default, so without a marriage license, it's good to ensure that all your other paperwork and such are composed and reviewed by a family attorney.

2. For same-sex marriages and partnerships

The country of Australia does not legally allow same-sex marriages; if you and your same-sex partner married in another country, don't assume that your marriage would then be legally recognized in Australia. It can be good for you and your partner to visit a family lawyer to have paperwork drawn up to protect you both, as mentioned above. As with couples who choose not to marry, same-sex partners should consider having medical directives drafted, having property put in both their names, and so on, in order to ensure they are being legally protected without that recognized marriage license. 

3. Parental rights

Whether or not you're married to the mother or father of your child, you have rights as a parent, and so does the other parent. Rather than making any assumption as to how custody cases and parental rights work when it comes to children, it's best to consult with a family lawyer. A mother or father may face accusations of keeping a child from the other parent, or may assume that they have the right to make certain rules for the other parent when they do not. Rather than making any assumptions for how the law works for parental rights, always speak with a family lawyer.

For more information about what they can help with, contact family lawyers in your area.