What to do when you get injured at work

Getting injured at work can be a life changing event that can give you complications that you won't get rid of in a long time, if ever, depending on the injury. If you've gotten injured while you've been working, you have the right to receive compensation from your employer. To receive this compensation and to receive the right amount, you might have to take action yourself. To make sure your worker's compensation claim is handled correctly so that you receive everything you have the right to, there are a few things you should think about.

Compensation lawyers

The first thing you should do is to look into what compensation lawyers work in your area and hire one as soon as possible. Look for a lawyer that has knowledge about your specific injury, as they will know how long your rehabilitation might take and how much your treatment can cost. This will cause them to know what claims to make for you and how to handle the insurance company as well as your employer.


You should also seek the attention of a doctor as soon as the injury has occurred. Make sure that the doctor knows you've been injured at work and that they document the full extent of your injuries. These documents might be used as proof in court in case you will have to take it that far. You could also inform your doctor that your treatment is going to be part of a worker's compensation claim, as they then will know the importance of documenting everything carefully.

Filing the claim

You also need to make sure that you file the worker's compensation claim to your employer as soon as possible, as some companies have a time limit for when you're eligible for compensation. If you've gotten a compensation lawyer, they can help you with how to file the claim for it to be indisputable. This also notifies your employer that you've taken legal actions, which can make them reconsider in case they were thinking about disputing your claim.


You should also seek out any witnesses that might have been there at the time for your injury. Ask them for their version of what happened and what was to blame for your accident. Ask them if they would be willing to make a formal statement. Remember that all witnesses to your accident can be used as witnesses for your employer as well, why you shouldn't tell them any details about your case. 

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