Divorce Settlement: Useful Tips to Accelerate Finalisation of the Process

Having a divorce can be an extremely costly and emotionally fatiguing process. If you are currently planning to file for divorce, here are a couple of useful tips that can speed up completion of the process.

Aim to gain the cooperation of your spouse

The best way to ensure that you have a smooth and quick divorce process is to reach out to your partner before filling any divorce papers. If you have good reasons for wanting out of the marriage, you should try to get them to consent to having a painless divorce. You might no longer see eye to eye about many things yet agree that getting divorced is the best option for the both of you.

Keep in mind that a divorce should never be used as a way of punishing the other party for wrongs they might have committed in the past; therefore, you should be rational about why you want to part ways with your spouse, and avoid pointing an accusing finger (even if you are convinced that your spouse is responsible for the problems you are currently facing).

Most often than not, parties who feel that their spouses are resorting to divorce as a means of punishment for previously done wrongdoings will do everything they can to frustrate the process. A cooperating spouse will eliminate the need to file motions (court orders meant to compel the other party to act a certain type of way), which only hamper fast completion of the proceedings. 

Be ready to compromise

Aside from constantly seeking the cooperation of your spouse, you should also be willing to grant some of their wishes. Wanting a divorce and intending to get full custody of your children, for instance, can mean that you want to completely push the other party out of the family picture, and this can result in a long legal tussle. Adopt a give-and-take mindset when you are filing for a divorce. Even if it is best to have the children under your care, for example, at least consider granting the other party reasonable visitation rights.

Involve a mediator where possible

Whenever possible, difficult matters such as child custody, spousal support and distribution of marital property should be settled out of court through mediation. If these issues can be amicably agreed upon without judicial intervention, then your divorce proceedings can move more hastily. Bear in mind that the more divorce-related issues are settled out of court, the less the number of issues that will need to be determined by a judge. This way, divorce proceedings can be concluded faster.