Are You The Only One To Blame When You Get Hit By A Car?

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, the blame is at times directed to the pedestrian for not paying attention to the rules of the road. Cases like the pedestrian did not observe the traffic lights or the pedestrian was hit because he or she did not use the crosswalk are not new.  But what if you obeyed all the rules of the road and still ended up being hit by a motor vehicle? That means that the fault is not on you. Here are a few cases in which you can sue the other parties involved in the accident.   

Charging Your Local Municipality

When you are hit by a car, you can become so infuriated with the driver who hit you and forget that the problem may actually lie in your local municipality. There are a few scenarios in which your local municipality may be at fault. For instance, a broken traffic light may give a green light to both the oncoming traffic and the pedestrian. When you are hit in such a situation, the driver may not be necessarily at fault. In fact, the driver may see you and stop. But what if the driver is not 100% alert to the situation and continues to drive his or her car? You may end up getting hit, but whatever the case, the blame is not to be put on the driver in the first place; your local municipality is at fault for not taking care of the traffic lights that gave you and the oncoming traffic a green light. In that case, you should charge them for negligence.

Another scenario where your local municipality may be at fault is when it comes to planning. Structures in the road that are poorly positioned can cause accidents and serious damages to pedestrians. A good example is that of a crosswalk which is positioned right after a curve. If there is no sign in place that warns the oncoming drivers of the crosswalk, then it is hard to win a case against the driver. However, the same cannot be said for your local municipality and you should sue them for their poor planning and the accident.  

Charging A Negligent Driver

Proving a driver is at fault can be a little bit difficult at times, especially if you are the one on the wrong. For instance, you have little or no chance of winning a case against a driver if you got hit because you were not paying attention to the road, or if you ran into the street at the wrong time. But if you observed the traffic rules and you still got hit, you have a good chance of winning the case. You can also sue a driver for his negligence if you were hit while walking on a pavement; pedestrians are supposed to walk on pavements and drivers are not allowed to drive on these surfaces.    

For further assistance, contact a local motor vehicle accident lawyer.